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Generally speaking, people love to tell and listen to stories. This is what Xhieda, the Maltese word for “witnesses”, is about. In this video series we bring you stories of various individuals with different backgrounds and experiences who have one thing in common – they have become witnesses of Jesus Christ and to the changes He brought about in their life.

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses
in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samar′ia and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

What’s in the name

The word “witness” can be used in many nuanced but related senses. In short a witness is someone who testifies to a fact based on personal knowledge, someone who repeats and speaks of what they have seen and heard, and provides evidence of it. For us, like John the Baptist, someone who testifies to the True Light (John 1:8-9).

Now, what’s interesting is that the biblical Greek word used for a witness is “martus” (the transliteration of μάρτυς) and that’s where we get our word “martyr” from! So a witness in the biblical sense has two meanings. To give witness to a fact, and doing so even at the cost of one’s own life.

This theme has always been important for Christians. In fact the word witness/martyr, and its derivatives, are found some thirty five times throughout the pages of the New Testament scriptures, and Christianity has always spread through the witness of believers. That’s why with this series of videos we wish to share the stories of those who are unashamed witnesses of Jesus in our times.

What’s in the logo

Now that you know why we called the series Xhieda it should be easier to understand our meaning packed logo.

The reddish blood colour signifies the call for every believer of Jesus Christ to be a witness to Him in their daily life, and if needs be, by laying down their life. The fingerprint points to the individuality of each person and their story, how God speaks and draws each person in a unique way, reflecting the personal love He has for each one of us. The two together make up a stamped seal, a reminder that we have been sealed by the blood of Christ, the lamb of God. 

You might also be able to make out the Christian fish symbol (the ichthys) which abounds with theological significance. For now, the sense that Christians are also called to be fishers of men, and to multiply this grace by feeding others, will suffice.

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    I am against abortion true , but local pro life organizations do not condemn only abortion but certain methods of birth control and methods of artificial pro creation not to mention the morning after pill. A member of the dental profession has long been alleging that abortion is on Malta’s doorstep but I have never heard him substantate his claim!