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Dr. Bruno Mozzanega, a leading Italian gynaecologist and expert on the mechanism of action of the Morning After Pill from the University of Padova, was in Malta thanks to an invitation by Life Network Foundation Malta.

Dr. Bruno Mozzanega explained that the Morning After Pill does not merely prevent ovulation but works to avoid the implantation of newly conceived human embryos in the uterus.

We filmed Dr. Mozzanega as he shared his research and expertise at a public debate called Morning After Pill. Abortion through the back door?, together with Dr. Miriam Sciberras, Chairman of Life Network Foundation Malta, and lawyer Dr. Tonio Azzopardi.

The public discussion took place at the Excelsior Hotel, on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm and was followed by comments and questions from the public to the panel, on matters relating to the Morning After Pill.

TLCM was also there for the press conference given by Dr. Miriam Sciberras, Health Scientist Jean Pierre Fava, and Dr. Bruno Mozzanega, earlier that day.

We also had the opportunity to film an interview which Jean Pierre Fava, a health scientist, gave to Dr. Bruno Mozzanega on the day he arrived in Malta.

Dr. Bruno Mozzanega is author/co-author of over 180 scientific papers, including oral presentations in Congresses and abstracts. He wrote the textbook ‘Da Vita a Vita’, concerning reproductive biology, directed to adolescents, couples and families.

Dr. Bruno Mozzanega
Event Organiser
Life Network Foundation Malta
Public Debate, Press Conference, Interview
Valletta, Excelsior Hotel, Malta
18th - 19th January 2017