TLCM is primarily focused on producing audio-visual content for Catholic individuals, organizations, parishes, and pro-life groups. We are also open to all that is true, good and beautiful outside the confines of strictly Catholic content, but will not produce any form of media which opposes, contradicts or undermines the faith of the Catholic Church.

Here are the services we are able to provide to get your message out there:

Filming Services
Our filming services include everything from creating short videos such as promos, testimonials, interviews, and short films, to lengthier documentary style projects. We also cover events including public talks, lectures, and press conferences.
Audio/Visual Editing
We are not only able and willing to film your desired audio-visual content, but also provide A/V editing to finalize your project. We can also work on prerecorded A/V content by a third party.
Motion Graphics
Motion graphics, whether simple or complex, are a great way to communicate your message in a clear and effective way. We can bring your ideas to life through animated videos.
Graphic Design
In need of paper print designs, social media graphics, or even your personalised t-shirt? We can design original posters, leaflets, social media images, logos and more.
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