Maltese Catholics Called to Spread the Gospel of Life!

176 Views0 Comment January 18, 2018

"Malta needs to be a beacon to the world. Most of the countries of the world have been fooled into legalising abortion....

Kumment Kattoliku 8: L-Inkwizizzjoni

173 Views0 Comment January 8, 2018

What really happened during the Inquisitions and what were the social contexts of the times?

Poisonous Product Warning

1229 Views0 Comment January 4, 2018

Very harmful poisonous chemicals have been identified in certain food products sold throughout most supermarkets.

Assisting Life Network’s Pro-Life Week 2017

175 Views0 Comment December 28, 2017

Several videos and posters TLCM helped create in support of Life Network's Pro-Life Week 2017.

Pro-Life Malta is an Inspiration!

121 Views1 Comment December 5, 2017

"Continue to defend life and to uphold the value and sanctity of every single human life. Please fight to stay pro-life!" -...

Kumment Kattoliku 7: L-Indulġenzi

278 Views0 Comment November 28, 2017

Fr. Nicholas Doublet shares some thoughts on the history and spirituality of Indulgences.

Good News about Human Sexuality: Fire Up Ministries!

99 Views0 Comment November 20, 2017

TLCM sat down with Simon and Madeleine Carrington, chastity speakers and the founders of Fire Up Ministries!

Kumment Kattoliku 6: Ir-Riforma

228 Views0 Comment November 15, 2017

Fr. Nicholas Doublet shares his thoughts on the Protestant "Reformation" and its aftermath.

Kumment Kattoliku 5: Il-Halloween

449 Views0 Comment October 23, 2017

What are the roots of Halloween? Should Catholics, young and old, take part in it?