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TLCM is an audio-visual media apostolate dedicated to sharing the Catholic Faith in our times. Our work includes making short videos, documentaries, animations, filming events, producing motion graphics, posters, leaflets, flyers and more!
If you want to get your message across in a way which is effective and relevant to your audience, we're here to help.
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TLCM exists to produce audio-visual media content that communicates the Catholic Faith in a way which is relevant to our times. We also provide media services for Catholic individuals, organisations, parishes, and pro-life groups.
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We bring you stories of how Jesus is still touching many lives today
Our commentary videos offer the wisdom of the Church to culture
Pro-Life Events
Sharing the Pro-Life message with the public is part of our mission!
Animated videos are a great way to simplify and spread the message
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Here are a few photos and video stills taken from our recent projects. Have a look and you will understand better what we are about.